Ministry of Justice denies using four people who appear white in job listing for Action Plan Against Racism

The original listing which has since been removed.
The original listing which has since been removed. Photo credit: Reddit

The Ministry of Justice has defended its job listing advertising a position in a team combatting racism after people blasted the picture used.

The listing asked for policy advisors and managers to join a new team building a National Action Plan Against Racism - but the picture attached to the listing showed four people, all of who appeared white.

Social media lit up with criticism of the listing, with some calling it a "joke" and others questioning whether it was real.

"Bad photo choice, not the model's faults," wrote one person on Reddit.

"They probably just got roped in as young faces for a photoshoot and somehow it's been used like this. Hard to believe they kept going ahead with this"

The Ministry of Justice's deputy secretary policy Rajesh Chhana, says the listing was very real - and shows the damage assuming ethnicity can have. 

"The people who appear in the advertisement are a cross-section of gender, sexuality and ethnicity."

He says the Ministry has not received any formal complaints about the listing but has removed it as comments on the original post "distracted viewers from what is truly important - and that is to build a team to address racism nationally."