More Kiwis will need support to feed their families this winter

Winter is traditionally a more expensive time for families, and right now many people will already be worrying about how they’re going to make ends meet during the colder months.

More New Zealanders are turning to City Missions and their local foodbanks to put food on the table.

What is Family2family?

New World is teaming up with City Missions and local foodbanks around the country to support families in need. The Family2family Foodbank Appeal runs until June 20.

They are contributing $250,000 to City Missions and local foodbanks throughout New Zealand, and Kiwis can help by donating a bag of foodbank friendly groceries at their local New World.

Christchurch City Missioner Matthew Mark says it's all about "supporting those in the community who simply don't have the means or ability to put food on their tables."

New World teams get behind Family2family.
New World teams get behind Family2family.

The impacts of COVID-19

Many families are still feeling the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, especially when it comes to insufficient incomes and struggling to make ends meet.

Food insecurity is about more than food, it is about insufficient income according to a report by the Child Poverty Action Group. 

"As COVID-19 has affected continuity of income, it follows that many families are now finding themselves struggling to provide adequate food for their children," Mark says.

Throwing winter into the mix doesn't make it much easier when it's already a busy time for emergency food assistance services.

"Family2family comes at a crucial time in our year. We’ve seen a consistent, growing increase in demand since COVID - and every year as we head into winter, we are going to have a greater demand. They might be able to make ends meet through the other seasons, but coming into winter is just often that little bit too much," Mark says.

"Those who are new to our foodbank service, are coming to us because they've had a change in personal circumstances and because of increased living costs as well."

Foods that keep and store well are foodbank friendly.
Foods that keep and store well are foodbank friendly.

It's easy to lend a hand to Kiwi families in need and it can all be done during your regular food shop.

Customers have two options. Either fill up a special Family2family bag with your own choice of foodbank friendly items, or select a pre-filled bag, leave it at your local New World and the team will make sure it gets to the City Mission, or a local foodbank.

"We really want the things you put in your own supermarket trolley. Anything non-perishable, so it might be tinned food or packet foods like pasta, rice and flour so we're able to provide a good, healthy selection of food for the families we support," Mark says.

Getting Kiwis together to help through Family2family is crucial for thousands of families in need this winter.

"We need a significant amount of items to make up food parcels for our families, and without our communities getting in behind us to support that need, City Missions and local foodbanks simply wouldn't be able to do what we do.

"If we take the saying 'it takes a whole village to raise a child', it takes a whole community to care for its most vulnerable."

Steve Anderson, Managing Director Foodstuffs NZ
Steve Anderson, Managing Director Foodstuffs NZ

The Family2family Foodbank Appeal plays an important role in New World keeping its promise to be 'Here For NZ' says Steve Anderson, Managing Director Foodstuffs New Zealand.

"One of the promises we've made to New Zealanders is to ensure everyone has access to healthy, affordable food. Kickstarting the Family2family Foodbank Appeal with a $250,000 donation from New World and partnering up with City Missions and local foodbanks throughout New Zealand, is just one of the ways we plan to keep our promise. 

"We're incredibly grateful to our teams, who get right in behind Family2family every year and to our customers who generously contribute. Together, we'll bring some much needed support to more Kiwi families in need," says Anderson.

Read more about Family2family - here.

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