Watch: Daredevil Tiktokkers do parkour on top of Auckland CBD high-rises, prompting police warning

A TikTok account showing a daredevil group doing parkour on top of Auckland CBD high rises has prompted a warning from police. 

The account has several videos where the TikTok user and friends can be seen dangling their legs off the edge of buildings, jumping from high rise to high rise and balancing in other precarious positions. Parkour is a sport described by Merriam-webster as "traversing environmental obstacles by running, climbing, or leaping rapidly and efficiently".

One video, which has been viewed more than 12,000 times, shows the group discovering a roof access door and sneaking through it onto the top of an Auckland CBD building.

They then notice office workers in the building next door filming them which causes them to scamper back down. The video is captioned: "When Auckland office workers are snitches." 

Another clip, viewed more than 10,000 times, shows two boys leaping metres from one high rise to another, captioned "AIRTIMEEE". 

A police spokesperson warns the behaviour exhibited on the account is "incredibly dangerous". 

"This behaviour is incredibly dangerous and police would discourage any activity that puts the participant at risk of serious injury or death.

"Police’s priority is to ensure people’s safety and we urge anyone not to put themselves in situations where they put their safety at risk."

The account's first high-rise video was posted just 10 days ago. Since then there have been eight clips where the user scales a high-rise. It's unknown as to when the activity began. 

Just last year police were forced to warn the public against such behaviour after a video of two men walking to the edge of the scaffolding, climbing over the edge and hanging from it was posted to Instagram. 

"I wish I could describe the complexity & process of becoming fearless," the man who posted it wrote on Instagram.

"Danger might be real but fear is a choice, all of the fears we don't face quickly become our limits."

A police spokesperson at the time said "anyone carrying out this activity is not only putting their own lives and others at risk but also risk getting arrested."

Police say "anyone with concerns about their own or other’s safety is encouraged to contact Police on 111 if it’s an emergency or 105 if it’s already happened".