Auckland High Court hears disturbing audio of gunshots that killed Constable Matthew Hunt

The Auckland High Court has heard disturbing audio of the gunshots that killed 28-year-old police officer Constable Matthew Hunt last year.

Eli Epiha pleaded guilty to his murder last week but is on trial for the attempted murder of another officer.

On Tuesday, the jury today heard police radio calls and watched mobile phone video captured by a member of the public.

CCTV captured nearby caught the sound of gunshots in Massey's Reynella Drive last June.

The Crown says ten shots were aimed at Constable David Goldfinch, who was injured, while the last four are the shots that killed Hunt.

The court also heard the police radio call he made.

"We're being shot at," Hunt says. "We're being shot at. We've been shot at."

The Crown says Epiha, 25, can be seen in a cell phone video taken shortly after the shooting with a covered-up gun slung over his right shoulder.

The Crown claims that in his right hand is the military-style, semi-automatic firearm used to shoot at constables Hunt and Goldfinch. 

"I've been shot by a gun, I've been shot by a gun, I've been f***ing shot," Goldfinch is heard saying in a radio message.

"I'm bleeding a bit out of my leg."

Natalie Bracken, 31, is also shown on video. She has pleaded not guilty to being an accessory after the fact to Hunt's murder, by allegedly driving a vehicle to enable Epiha to avoid arrest.

The pair are pictured driving off as Matthew Hunt lay behind them in Reynella Drive. 

Joanne Stuart was one of the first responders and assisted Constable Goldfinch.

"He was without his stab vest, in his sweater. His right trouser leg was rolled up and I could see a bandage on that leg. He was in a lot of pain," she told the court.

Although Epiha has pleaded guilty to Hunt's murder, he denies the attempted murder of Constable Goldfinch. 

His defence says he didn't intend to kill him.