Christchurch's runaway pig George actually pampered pet with discerning palate

The lavish lifestyle of Christchurch's runaway pig has been revealed - and his pampered home life is one many could be jealous of.

Portly pig George escaped from his home on Saturday evening and was eventually helped home by a police officer after blocking one lane of a road. His escapade was caught on camera by people in the neighbourhood.

The humungous hog, who weighs around 250kg, lives in Christchurch with his dad, Mike Maxwell.

"The police decided they'd block off the road, which was a bit embarrassing, so there's traffic banked up for miles either way," Maxwell says.

He was eventually brought home by Maxwell and the police, who were apparently very amused.

"This guy just sauntering quite quietly back down the road to my house."

But it's anyone's guess as to why he'd want to run away from home because it turns out, he's got a pretty good life here. He refuses pig food or scraps, and his food bill each week matches his owners.

It's roast chicken for lunch on Sunday, which he gets three to four times a week.

"As long as it's got the sage and onion stuffing, he's good to go," Maxwell says.

There's even a jelly tip ice cream for dessert.

"Pies, cream buns, acorns, just really whatever, Mallow Puffs - massive fan of those."

Christchurch's runaway pig George actually pampered pet with discerning palate
Photo credit: Newshub.

While George is a bit of a hog, he's also a party pig.

"If we have a BBQ, he'll always have a beer with us as well," Maxwell says. "He loves a beer, absolutely loves beer."

But sometimes George enjoys it a little too much.

"It's a heck of a place to be when you've got a pig who's a little bit grumpy because he's got a headache," Maxwell says.

George even likes coffee, and his favourite is a flat white with no sugar.

But there's a lot of love Maxwell has for his swiney mate.

"I'm sure everyone thinks I'm mad but yeah, we hang out in the back yard and he digs holes and I fill them in and I dig holes and he fills them in."

George even has his own Facebook page and his relationship status is listed as single.

Maxwell says his Captain Cooker breed mate makes a great pet, but it might not be for everyone.

"If you have children, probably not. If you care about your furniture, definitely no."

But now he's off to his favourite spot in his room for a snooze after a big couple of days in the limelight.