Clarke Gayford 'banished' Jacinda Ardern from home so he could buy her a birthday present

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was "banished into the wild" by her partner Clarke Gayford so he could take their daughter to buy her a birthday present.

Over the weekend a pedestrian spotted the PM out and about, posting a picture on Twitter to say they loved how New Zealand is so small that Ardern is seen "at least once a month".

Gayford retweeted the picture, adding a little bit of backstory as to one of the world's most famous political leaders was wandering about alone.

"She was out in the wild here because Neve and I had banished her while we snuck off to get her a birthday present."

The Prime Minister celebrated her 41st birthday on Monday by doing the rounds on breakfast television.

In an interview with The AM Show she was grilled about the funding given to a controversial methamphetamine rehabilitation programme, and the COVID-19 response.

Towards the end of the segment host Ryan Bridge was informed it was Ardern's birthday.

"Happy birthday! I won't ask how old you are" he told her.

"And what a delight it is to spend it here with you," she replied through laughter.

"That was a bit condescending wasn’t it!" Bridge replied.