Footage shows enormous pig on loose in Christchurch as police attempt arrest

Video shows an enormous porker strolling a Christchurch street followed by a police officer. 

The footage, filmed on Saturday evening and provided to Newshub, shows a police car stopped in the middle of Woodham Rd, Linwood, with its lights flashing.

A police officer emerges, approaching the giant black pig which is blocking one lane. 

The officer appears to direct the rotund beast towards the footpath and the slow-moving swine obliges, ambling slowly to the side with the officer following.

Moving over the grass and onto the sidewalk, the portly pig strolls the pavement with little urgency. 

Police confirmed to Newshub that they were called to reports of an animal on the road in Linwood.

"It looks like animal control have been advised".

Those filming the humongous hog can be heard laughing as it walks the sidewalk, with one person saying it is "the best thing ever."

Watch the moment above.