Ōrākei dairy ram-raised three times in three months gets new robbery protection from loyal customers

A local Ōrākei dairy ram-raised three times in three months has received a security boost from its loyal customers.

On Monday, the superette, owned by Jay Patel and his family, was robbed in the early hours of the morning. A car drove through the front entrance, breaking the doors, shattering glass and sending objects flying. 

The loyal customers of the 30-year-old dairy have had enough of their local getting robbed and took action by starting a Givealittle page.

In two days, over $3000 was raised. This is enough for the Patel family to buy protective bollards to put out the front of their shop, preventing cars from driving over them. 

Patel says he is overwhelmed by the support.

"The love that we get from our customers is absolutely enormous and [we feel] a part of the whole community."

The $3000 boost has come at the right time for the family - Patel says three times in just as many months is gutwrenching. 

"You get there and there's glass everywhere, put everything back what you can, get rid of all the glass shards and the vegetables and whatever's been damaged and it takes time, and it's a personal invasion of space basically."

But the donations hopefully spell the end of the ram raids, and the support brings tears to Patel and his wife's eyes.

"[The customers] really are my family."

Watch the video above.