Ryan Bridge: By the looks of it, Toa the killer whale is receiving better care than our kids in state care

OPINION: The baby Orca is back in the news - Toa the baby Orca. 

It's bad news unfortunately. No, not that bad, it's still alive. But, it seems like he's starting to fade.

Its carers report a dip in energy levels for the calf. It's again moving house, from the swimming pool in the carpark back to the ocean, where it will be held in a pen. 

It's injured too - his pectoral fins and tail fluke. His eye is inflamed.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) says Toa is "more lethargic" and not vocalising as much as previously. 

It's been 12 days since the killer whale was found washed up on rocks in Plimmerton. Twelve long days. 

Barring an orca pod being found and then accepting this wee one, it'll probably have to be put down. 

It's an awful lot of expense and time and energy, fuel for the spotter planes, fuel for the search boats, round-the-clock-care from DOC - better care than some of our human kids in state care receive, by the looks of it.

At some point, is some official or politician going to say this money would be better spent somewhere else? I'm just wondering.

Ryan Bridge is filling in for Duncan Garner as host of The AM Show. 

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