Traffic signal installation in Auckland's Newmarket comes to halt following complaint

A complaint from a shop owner over new traffic signals has stalled their installation in Auckland's Newmarket.

The development of Westfield Newmarket is taking place on the intersection of Morrow Street and Broadway.

Auckland Transport told Newshub a complaint has been laid over the placement of the signals.

The delay has caught the attention of people online, one sharing two pictures taken side-by-side seven weeks apart.

"Some solid progress has been made on the installation of these traffic lights." the local said with sarcasm.

But it's not only locals who have been affected by the slow-moving installation - local businesses have too.

A Vape Merchant assistant manager said the slow construction is taking a toll not only on his business but others too.

"The construction isn't allowing customers to park near our store, but we are looking forward to it being finished."

Westfield Newmarket development.
Westfield Newmarket development. Photo credit: Image - Google maps

Auckland Transport is investigating where the new traffic signal controller can be placed, whilst ensuring affected businesses are happy.

Once Auckland Transport has found a place to relocate the traffic signal controller it could take up to four weeks to complete.