Auckland businessman Leo Molloy appeals conviction, sentence of Grace Millane suppression breach

Well-known Auckland businessman Leo Molloy is appealing his sentence and conviction for breaching Grace Millane's killer's name suppression order.

Jesse Kempson was found guilty of murdering Millane, a British backpacker, in Auckland's CityLife Hotel in December 2018. 

During the court process, his name was suppressed and was only lifted in December 2020.

However, Molloy breached the suppression order on the same day Kempson was convicted of murdering Millane as well as on days later. He also revealed Kempson has been charged with the rape of another woman.

In April, Molloy was fined $15,000 and sentenced to 350 hours of community work for the breach.

However Stuff reported on Monday, Molloy is now appealing his conviction and sentence.

His lawyer David Jones QC argued in the High Court that Judge Peter Winter should have discharged Molloy without conviction.

Molloy recently announced his intention to run for Auckland mayor in 2022.

In an announcement on HeadQuarters' Facebook page in July, Molloy shared his intention to become a "coruscating contender". 

"His policy platform is a work in progress, the two most compelling issues he wants addressed are correlated, get rid of the bloody road cones, and get Auckland moving again, which of course means sorting those lunatics at Auckland Transport out," the announcement said.

Molloy confirmed his plans to Newshub via text.