Coromandel relieved by no new cases of COVID-19 in its community

The town of Coromandel is breathing a sigh of relief after another day of no new cases in the community. 

Hundreds of test results from the area have now returned negative, and it's got people feeling cautiously optimistic. 

 If you think you're in isolation, check out the tiny town of Colville - it's the northernmost settlement on the Coromandel Penisula, and home to the most remote location of interest in the country... the Hereford 'n' A Pickle. 

 Kaye Ward runs the cafe with her daughter. They shut down so quickly there are still sandwiches in the fridge, and a slice on the bench.  

They've both just tested negative for COVID.

"If the Coromandel stays negative, it will be the best news out," Kaye told Newshub. 

So far, Kaye's hopes are being fulfilled with no new cases announced in the area on Friday.

Wastewater testing from five locations across the Peninsula has also come back negative, giving further reason to celebrate. 

But the threat of Delta remains real, and the nurses here are pushing to get the whole town vaccinated, with nurse Riana Manuel saying the goal is to vaccinate as many families as they can.