Coronavirus: Air NZ crew member isolating after testing positive, not part of community cluster

An Air New Zealand crew member has tested positive for COVID-19, with their last duty flight three days earlier.

The fully vaccinated crew member tested positive on Wednesday, August 18 as part of the airline's regular surveillance testing programme for international aircrew.

The person is not part of the community cluster of positive cases which now numbers 10.

Air New Zealand chief medical officer Dr Ben Johnston said in a statement the crew member's last duty was flight NZ90 from Narita which arrived in Auckland on August 15.

"They are now isolating following advice from the Ministry of Health," Johnston said.

"Other aircrew who are close contacts are being advised and will be isolated and tested according to the Ministry of Health's requirements.

"There are significant precautions in place for our crew operating to international destinations set out by the Ministry of Health, and we are confident our people are following the protocols diligently.

"These include taking private transport to and from their layover hotel, isolating in the hotel and wearing PPE at all times while on layover. Aircrew are also subject to regular surveillance testing where they are tested up to once every seven days. "

Johnston said 82 percent of Air NZ frontline workers had at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 80 percent were fully vaccinated.