Coronavirus: More than 3000 Auckland hospital workers yet to have a single COVID-19 vaccine dose

Newshub can reveal more than 3000 hospital workers in Auckland - the epicentre of the Delta outbreak - still haven't had a single vaccine jab.

It comes as a nurse with COVID-19 was infectious for four days while at work at Auckland City Hospital, and staff were exposed to an infected patient at North Shore Hospital.

Hospital staff are part of vaccination group 2. They are deemed high-risk and have been able to get a vaccine since March.

But amid this outbreak, hundreds of Auckland hospital workers are yet to get the jab.

Professor Michael Plank of Canterbury University's School of Maths and Stats, says that group of unvaccinated workers are "really taking a chance".

"They could become infected with COVID-19, they could become severely ill, and they could spread the virus," he said. 

University of Auckland professor of Medicine Des Gorman agrees.

"That is quite extraordinary because these people are the interface between us and very sick people."

As of Wednesday, a day after the outbreak began, 88 percent of staff at Auckland City Hospital were fully vaccinated and 89 percent had one jab.

But 9 percent or 1224 staff hadn't had a jab at all.

At North Shore Hospital and Waitakere Hospital, 85 percent are fully vaccinated, 89 percent have had one dose and 11 percent or 1075 staff haven't had a single vaccine.

At Middlemore Hospital 86 percent are fully vaccinated, 89 percent have had one dose and 11 percent or 902 hospital workers haven't been vaccinated.

All up, 3201 hospital staff in our biggest city are yet to be inoculated. While that might not seem too bad, experts say 100 percent of them should be vaccinated by now.

"It does surprise me and it is concerning the numbers are that big. You would hope to see much higher levels of vaccine coverage," says Prof Plank.

Prof Gorman thinks vaccines for such workers should be mandatory, arguing that as hospital workers care for people with COVID-19 they're part of the border workforce.

"No jab, no job. You have a responsibility as a health worker [or] someone working in a hospital to be vaccinated," he says.

Outside the hospitals, the public vaccine rollout faced further frustrations today. At one clinic in Epsom, confusion prevailed.

People were texted to be there, and turned up early and on time but the doors were locked. Staff were nowhere in sight.

Eventually, the situation was clarified, with a press statement issued at 10am explaining vaccination staff had to be "urgently diverted" to help with overloaded testing sites.

The Northern Region Health Coordination Centre has apologised for the situation.

Eight other centres were open in Auckland. So those that missed out, while bewildered, were back on their phones trying to rebook.