COVID-19: Billy Te Kahika temporarily banned from internet, released home on bail after holding illegal protest

Failed politician and conspiracy theorist Billy Te Kahika is temporarily banned from the internet after being bailed on charges of disobeying the Health Act.

Te Kahika appeared in court on Thursday alongside  36-year-old Viny Eastwood. Both are charged with failing to comply with COVID-19 alert level 4 requirements by organising and attending a protest outside TVNZ's Auckland office.

The protest was against the current lockdown, which Te Kahika and Eastwood have both repeatedly criticised.

A number of people turned up to the protest which was swiftly broken up by police, who then arrested Te Kahika and Eastwood.

They are also charged with failing to assist police under the Search and Surveillance Act, reports Stuff.

Te Kahika denied the charges saying he had no idea organising the protest would cause clashes between protesters and police. 

"I was devastated to see violence yesterday... I had no idea it would happen," he told the court.

He said he didn't wish to re-offend and would not incite any further protests.

If found guilty of all charges the pair could face up to nine months in jail, or a $4000 fine. 

He was granted bail on strict conditions. He must not possess any device capable of connecting to the internet, must reside at his Hokianga address, and can not have any contact with Eastwood. 

He will reappear in court on October 13.