COVID-19: Mixed reaction to alert level 4 decision in the South Island

COVID-19: Mixed reaction to alert level 4 decision in the South Island
Photo credit: Newshub

There's a mixed reaction in the South Island to news the COVID-19 lockdown will continue until at least Friday.

With no cases and only a small proportion of close contacts in the South Island, lockdown fatigue is growing.

There are also only about 120 close contacts registered in the south. It's an uphill battle for businesses and some believe it could be resolved by geography.

"Every day it goes on, it's millions and millions of dollars down the tube," Christchurch businessman Mike Percasky told Newshub.

"The South Island's got a natural physical border with the Cook Strait so I can't see why we can't move down a couple of levels soon."

But many accept, for the time being, a nationwide lockdown is for the greater good.

"We could be let out but that will just risk a longer lockdown," one resident told Newshub.

"I feel reassured and happy that we're staying in level 4," another said.

Greymouth Mayor Tania Gibson is also backing the decision.

"There were a lot of people moving between north and south so I think this is a good decision at the moment - just to make sure everything is going to be OK," she said.

But the tolerance won't last forever.

"I think if Friday comes around and we don't have COVID cases in the South Island I think we should move then, but I'm comfortable until Friday," Queenstown Lakes District Mayor Jim Boult said.

Boult. Photo credit: The AM Show