COVID-19: New Zealanders react after new community case revealed in Auckland

New Zealanders are reacting with shock and solidarity after a new positive case of coronavirus was announced in the Auckland community.

The Ministry of Health broke the news on Tuesday afternoon, the revelation coming as a blow to the public.

"A positive case of COVID-19 has been identified in the community early this afternoon and is now under investigation," tweeted the Unite against COVID-19 account.

"Anyone in Auckland catching public transport this afternoon or who cannot socially distance in public spaces should wear a mask as a precaution.

"A hard and early response is the best tool to stamp out any potential spread and everyone in New Zealand is asked to stay calm, be kind and play their part while we gather more information on the potential case."

"Oh god. Here we go again," one person said on Twitter.

"Well, buckle up, folks, this will either be a ride, or it won't. Either way, you know the drill. Buckle down.

"Scan, mask, stay home even with the sniffles except to get tested, and if you have the sniffles (or worse), get tested."

"170 days since our last community case in NZ. That was pretty badass. Love our bubble," another tweeted.

"This is going to hurt Auckland, but you can do it.

"Go hard, go early, no half measures. Give it everything and leave nothing to chance. Delta is the Jackie Chan of Covid. Fight."

 Dr Siouxsie Wiles said heath officials will be looking for a link between the case and the border and MIQ.

"In the meantime, don't panic. We all know what to do," she wrote. "Stay calm, scan, and mask-up. And be kind to yourselves and each other."

And it brought back memories of previous runs on supermarket shelves - including shortages of certain necessities.

"Say goodbye to your toilet paper supplies, Auckland," one wag tweeted.