COVID-19: One person shows up at anti-lockdown protest in Auckland

Police have broken up a one person anti-lockdown protest in Auckland CBD on Friday. 

Police said it comes after chatter on social media about a protest on Queen Street. 

On Friday a conspiracy theory Instagram account called on people "who see the bigger picture" to get involved in the protest. Despite saying it wasn't involved in the protest and had no idea who was behind it. 

The post was accompanied by a busy graphic which said: "enough is enough" in capital letters at the top. 

It went on to say, "How long will you let her destroy our country. NZ calling all who call NZ home - it is time to take a stand! A stand for the future we want. Our NZ." 

The goes on to criticise Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the Government for various different things including "destroying the economy" and "destroying jobs". This is despite the unemployment rate dropping to 4 percent in the June 2021 quarter. New Zealand's economy also bounced back from the previous lockdowns better than expected. 

Police told Newshub officers were on Queen Street after hearing a protest was being planned. But police said only was person arrived with the intention to protest. 

"Police are aware of discussions on social media about an anti-lockdown protest at Queen Street, Auckland CBD, this afternoon.

"Police have been in the area and have spoken to one person who arrived intending to attend the protest.

Police spoke to the individual who was encouraged to comply with alert level four restrictions and chose to leave."

Police said they are continuing to monitor the situation. Alert level four restrictions means businesses are closed and everyone must remain at home except to access essential services.