Ryan Bridge: Have we been misdiagnosing panic-buyers? Aren't they just planning to stay home for the week?

OPINION: All the busybodies have been busy during COVID-19, hating on panic-buyers. 

'Oh those pesky panic-buyers, why don't they just stay home and eat what's in the cupboards? Oh those pesky panic-buyers, why do they keep buying things to feed themselves?'

Have we ever stopped to ask ourselves whether we have been misdiagnosing panic-buyers as just normal shoppers who plan to stay at home for the week, like they're told to? 

I mean, I know lots of people who usually go to the supermarket everyday after work to pick something up. Sure, most families with kids plan better. 

But once you make all those daily shoppers weekly shoppers - and add in all those extra meals that need to be made, not bought from Uber Eats or the fish and chip shop - you've suddenly got a trolley full of more groceries, and a carpark more shoppers than you would on your average Friday.

And I'm not justifying it, but it doesn't help when the supermarkets actually do run out of food when they say they won't, like last time with toilet paper, hand-sanny and flour - and last week with meat, of all things. 

Anyway, I don't do the shopping in my house so I don't really care anyway. 

At least we've got something to eat I suppose. 

Ryan Bridge is the host of The AM Show.