Ryan Bridge: Kiwis are addicted to our screens - no wonder we are fat

OPINION: New survey results out today show one in three Kiwis are addicted to… alcohol? No, not these stats, but it's probably true.

Drugs? No... but probably true as well.

Nope... the one thing we're more addicted to than most other bad things is screens - computers and phones and tablets. 

Consumers in the NortonLifeLock survey report spending five hours a day looking at screens.

You might say that sounds okay. 

But that's outside of work and school etc. 

Half of the 1000 respondents say the amount of screen time is negatively impacting their physical health and 37 percent their mental health. 

So we stare at screens, we eat more and we don't move as much. 

I don't know what else to say other than what has become of our species?

Imagine our long-forgotten ancestors literally fighting each other off to get a feed - spending all day hunting and gathering. 

If you don't get fed you die. 

Now we sit down, eat ice cream, barely move, eat ice cream and then complain about how fat we are. 

Ryan Bridge is the fill-in host of The AM Show.