Seven Auckland schools with 11,000 total students linked to positive COVID-19 cases

Seven Auckland schools are now linked with a positive case for COVID-19.

Almost 11,000 total students are being treated as close contacts and must isolate for two weeks and that's not even counting all the school staff.

The locations of interest list has grown on Sunday by two more schools - Pukekohe High School and Western Springs College.

Between the two they boast a student roll of more than 3000 but cases numbers remain low.

"With the exception of Avondale College, we're only talking single humans at the moment," says Vaughan Couillault, from the Secondary Principals' Association.

But health officials aren't taking any chances.

"The whole school's considered close contacts - test the whole lot," Couillault says.

The advice for everyone is to self-isolate for 14 days then get two tests at day five and day 12.

And that's the advice for anyone who was at any of the seven Auckland schools at the relevant times.

The latest roll numbers for the seven has seen the list of close contacts balloon.

  • McAuley High School - 795 students
  • De La Salle College - 944 students
  • Avondale College - 2809
  • Northcote College - 1130
  • Lynfield College - 1815
  • Western Springs College - 1674
  • Pukekohe High School - 1785 

Royal Oak Intermediate is being treated a little differently. It was a school bus driver who tested positive and their list of close contacts is much smaller.

"At this stage we believe 23," principal Tony Coughlan says.

But despite not being a close contact himself, Coughlan is taking precautions.

"I'm in isolation because my own kids go to one of the other schools that has a positive case," he says.

With Healthline inundated with calls schools have faced the tough job of fielding questions from concerned parents.

"Obviously a bit worried and we're doing our best to be supportive and look after peoples' wellbeing," Coughlan says.

But principals say they've got the benefit of a level 4 lockdown to help keep students at home and isolating.