The AM Show stand-in host Ryan Bridge forced to Google himself to prove he's an essential worker to police

The AM Show stand-in presenter Ryan Bridge has revealed he was forced to Google himself on Monday morning to prove to a police officer he's an essential worker.

Bridge, who is also a host for Magic Talk, said he was pulled over while driving his partner's BMW to work before 4am on Monday morning.

"He said 'is this your car' and I said 'yes' and he said 'what are you doing out' and I said 'well I'm going to work'."

Bridge said the officer "was a lovely guy" and took down his name and date of birth to check the car's registration but it got tense when he found it was not in Bridge's name.

He said the police officer "clearly had no idea" who he was and it didn't help that he was wearing a beanie and had his hoodie pulled up over his head.

"I said 'I'm just going to work. I work at Discovery over there and I'm just going to work.'

"He said 'please show me something to prove that you work here' and I'm going through my emails and I'm sure they've sent us something but I have no idea.

"I said 'look. Please forget I've done this because it's quite embarrassing' but I Googled myself and I showed him the photos."

Bridge said he "didn't know what else to do" but it worked and he was allowed to continue to the office.

He told the story on The AM Show on Monday, where he noted it wasn't the first time he had been pulled over since filling in for former host Duncan Garner.

"I'm a target, I don't know what it is."

Garner announced his resignation from the show last Monday saying it was "best job ever" but that he was struggling with the "brutal hours".

He had been on the show for almost five years and had been at Three for close to 20 years. During that time he had been the network's political editor, co-presenter of Story, co-host of 3rd Degree, host of The Nation, host of Radio Live Drive for five years, fronted Three's Election Night programming across multiple elections and for the past five years, as well as anchoring The AM Show.