Women's Refuge fundraising to provide 10,000 safe nights for women

The Women's Refuge is hoping to fundraise enough money for 10,000 nights of safe accommodation for women and children escaping family violence.

This year people who donate will go into a draw to win one of 11 money-can't-buy experiences, with a few familiar Kiwis donating their time to the cause. 

Just $20 puts you in the draw to create your own flavour of Whittaker's and you could even go on a spooky ride-along with officers Mike Minogue and Karen O'Leary from Wellington Paranormal

"Not only will you have a fairly enjoyable time but you'll know that you're doing something that is helping lots of women around New Zealand," O'Leary says.

Other prizes include the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra performing in your lounge or Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson showing you the inner workings of the Beehive. 

It's all part of the Women's Refuge 'Safe Night-a-thon' with the goal to provide 10,000 nights of accommodation for women and children escaping violence.

"We're able to provide them a warm safe place to go, something to eat, pyjamas, toiletries," CEO Dr Ang Jury says. 

Over a third of New Zealand women report having experienced physical and sexual violence, with over half saying they've experienced emotional abuse from a partner in their lifetime. 

The safe night service is a refuge used by tens of thousands of people across the country. 

"This is an issue that New Zealanders had to deal with for a very long time and one that we can't afford to not have the resources to deal with," Robertson says.

Officer O'Leary has one message for people considering donating.  

"People that are watching this and thinking 'I was going to go to the pub and spend $20 on overpriced craft beer', but what I could do is spend that money on a really good cause," O'Leary says. 

You would be earning a unique experience for yourself and a safe one for a woman in need.

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