Brutal gang brawl on Huntly street caught on camera

A brutal street brawl between rival gang members in Huntly has been caught on camera.

The graphic video starts with a group of men surrounded by children squaring up on the street before one man launches a vicious kick into another man's stomach.

"F*** him up, dog," one female onlooker shouts as they swing blows at each other.

Another two men jump into the fight, and one is punched to the ground. He rises only to be beaten down again, then kicked in the face with a sickening smack.

Another struggles to rise from the ground as he's beaten from behind - while a child in a yellow hoody also joins the fight. Other children can be heard crying in the background before the video cuts.

A child in a yellow hoody can be seen getting involved.
A child in a yellow hoody can be seen getting involved. Photo credit: Facebook

Police told Newshub they received a report of disorder on Main Street, Huntly, shortly after 10am on Friday.

"A group of people were reported to be fighting. No injuries or weapons were reported and it appears the group had dispersed before police arrived," a spokesperson said.

The video was shared on Facebook where it's caused widespread disgust.

"That's actually f***ing sickening. Hearing those kids crying in the background," one person commented.

"Oh hell even got the kids in there. Sickening bunch of idiots the lot of yous," another said.