COVID-19: Kiwis react with joy and concern at Cabinet's decision to move Auckland to alert level 3

New Zealanders are reacting with joy and concern at Cabinet's decision to move the Auckland region down to alert level 3 from 11:59pm on Tuesday.

Auckland has been in alert level 4 lockdown since 11:59pm on August 17 amid the latest outbreak of COVID-19.

But on Monday afternoon, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed it is coming to an end.

Auckland will move to alert level 3 at 11:59pm on Tuesday for at least two weeks, while the rest of New Zealand will stay in alert level 2 for the same amount of time. 

Many Kiwis shared their joy at the decision on social media, calling it "a step in the right direction".

"I can actually hear people cheering down my street," one person said.

"Tough call from Govt to move Auckland to level 3 for 2 weeks from tomorrow night. But it seems like a pragmatic and sensible decision based on good advice," another tweeted.

Social media commenters expressed their excitement to get takeaways once the alert level changes.

"I look forward to doing my part to boost business for the local cafe," one commenter wrote.

However other people were concerned that the Government was rushing the alert level change.

"Moving to Level 3 for Auckland is a big risk. I suspect a mistake. Really hope I'm wrong," one Kiwi said.

"Level 3 = YES!  Dropped down too quick? = YES!  I'd rather do another week at level 4 and make sure. 2 weeks at L3 is good tho," another said.

"By the time the cues [sic] die down at KFC we'll be back in Level 4 again."

This comes after 22 new cases of COVID-19 were detected in the New Zealand community on Monday.

The Ministry of Health confirmed three are located in the Waikato while the rest are in Auckland.

It brings the total number of cases in the latest outbreak to 1071.