Father of three children killed in Timaru asks others to forgive his 'lovely' wife Lauren, as he has

Hundreds of Timaru residents gathered for a candlelit vigil to pay tribute to the three young girls found dead in their home last week.

The girls' mother, 40-year-old Lauren Dickason, was charged with their murder and is remanded to a secure unit at Hillmorton Hospital.

By candlelight, they remembered three little lives.

United in grief, hundreds gathered outside the house where six-year-old Liane and her twin sisters, two-year-olds Maya and Karla, were found dead.

"Even though the Dickasons had only been here for a small amount of time, the minute they came to Timaru they became part of our family," said organiser Jacqueline Harris.

Many were overcome with emotion as a song requested by the girls' father Graham was played out. 

"The beautiful babies don't deserve this," said Timaru resident Charlotte Ransfield. "They deserve to still be here with us living their full life, but I know obviously this world is too precious for them."

Fellow local Rebecca Downes-Diack said the vigil represented a goodbye for the children.

Tributes were read out on behalf of the girls' family - including their father Graham, who was listening via video link, asking those in attendance to pray for his wife who is now charged with murder.

"Please also pray for my lovely Lauren as I honestly believe that she is a victim of this tragedy as well," he had written.

"People that know her well will testify to that, I have no doubt. I have already forgiven her and I urge you at your own time to do the same."

On Friday, Reverend Alan Cummins reflected on the gravity of those words.  

"It was a great honour to read them, it's a privilege because Graham had written those from his heart almost, I suppose, as if he was writing to Lauren. It was just lovely, it was a great honour to read it."

A vigil was also held in South Africa at the exact same time. In total, 1000 people from across the globe tuned in. 

"I guess it's just everyone was affected. I'm a mum, and [my] mum's a mum, and I've got wee kids the same age as their kids," said Timaru resident Sarah Thompson.

"The whole of Timaru and our hearts just go out to the family and their family back in South Africa," said local Leanna Allnutt. "We just want to pay our respects and think of this lovely family going through turmoil."

Three young lives, taken too soon but forever remembered in their adopted home.