Mark Richardson sings song live on-air about vaccine bus service

  • 15/09/2021

As Kiwis think up weird and wonderful names for a new mobile vaccination bus service, one The AM Show audience member has gone a step further - writing a song about it.

Sports newsreader Mark Richardson had the honour of debuting it on Wednesday morning's show, singing to the tune of 'Wheels on the bus'

"Often when you have expert singers and great performers, like myself, and they get to sing the anthem, they will put their own swing on it and sing it in a way that no one else can sing along, and it's really annoying. So I am just going to sing to the tune. I will not be rearranging the melody."

As Richardson warmed up his vocal chords, newsreader Amanda Gillies let out: "Oh dear god", but ended up giving the former cricketer a standing ovation.

Watch Richardson's performance above.