Mark Richardson urges Kiwis to be grateful for alert level 3 as he stays 'awake at night' worrying about hydrochloric acid

Mark Richardson says New Zealanders moving into the "massive freedom" of alert level 3 should be grateful as he's been "awake at night" worrying about getting hydrochloric acid.

The Government on Monday confirmed Auckland will remain in alert level 4 for at least another two weeks but the rest of New Zealand - bar Northland which has to wait a couple of days - has now moved down to alert level 3.

But while some Kiwis have dubbed level 3 as "level 4 but with takeaway", The AM Show's sports presenter Mark Richardson says there are a lot more things to be excited about in level 3.

"[Some people think] it's not much freedom but I see it as a positive now," he said.

"I see moving from 4 to 3… as a massive freedom. It's not just the fact that you can get takeaways, and I think we are fixating on that, it's the fact you can get other stuff.

"Any business that can offer you click and collect or delivery which is not deemed as an essential item you can get."

Richardson explained he desperately needs some hydrochloric acid for his swimming pool, which he can't get at level 4.

"It's going to start to not make chlorine. I'm lying awake at night going 'god, when's that pool going to go green?' I do not want that pool to go green, because the valet, the pool boy can't come, can he? That keeps me awake at night."

He said under alert level 3 he can get hydrochloric acid and other items including fertiliser for his lawn which, on the other hand, is not green enough.

"I lie in bed worrying about that as well. Am I going to miss the fertiliser window? These are all things that level 3 ease."

News presenter Amanda Gilles said, as the chef in her house, all she wanted from alert level 3 was takeaways.

"I want a night off cooking and coming up with ideas because I don't really want to go to the supermarket all of the time."

Kiwis have been seen lining up outside fast food outlets around New Zealand in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The Restaurant Association has called on Kiwis to support local cafes and restaurants as most of the country can again get takeaways.

"Our industry has been one of the hardest hit during the pandemic. Those that are reopening are looking forward to serving their local communities again and need the support of their local community to make the reopening viable," said Restaurant Association chief executive Marisa Bidois.

"Our restaurants and cafes are a much loved part of our communities. We know that diners have their favourite places so for anyone now bored of their own cooking or trying to avoid the supermarkets this is the perfect opportunity to get out and revisit your local eateries."

She said alert level 3 offers a "tiny glimmer of hope" for businesses.