New Zealand plummets down Bloomberg's COVID-19 resilience list

New Zealand has plummeted from number one to 38 in Bloomberg's COVID Resilience Ranking - a list of the best and worst countries that have effectively managed the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bloomberg's report ranks the world's biggest 53 economies on 12 key metrics, including virus containment, the quality of healthcare, vaccination coverage, overall mortality and progress toward restarting travel and easing border curbs.

In November 2020, New Zealand was ranked number one because of the Government's "decisive, swift action" which largely achieved elimination of the virus.

However, since then New Zealand has fallen through the rankings and the September ranking has put the country into 38th.

Bloomberg said many Asia-Pacific countries have been faltering in the era of vaccination and the transition from zero tolerance for the virus to vaccinated reopening.

"Not only are their strict measures less effective in the face of Delta, former top rankers in the region are also grappling with how to reopen after such a long period of isolationist border curbs," the report said.

"A Delta incursion after months virus-free has left the country in varying degrees of lockdown, still seeking to stamp out infections as it strives to boost vaccination levels."

Ireland is currently in the top position followed by Spain and the Netherlands. 

"New No 1 Ireland rose three places from August thanks to one of the world’s best vaccination rates, projections for a rapid economic rebound and the government's decision this month to loosen both domestic restrictions as well as travel quarantine rules. Meanwhile, weekly COVID fatalities hover in the double digits," Bloomberg said.

Also ahead of New Zealand is the UK (16 spot) and the USA (28 spot).