Ryan Bridge: Ardern knew about a COVID-positive man escaping MIQ during Thursday's press conference - so why weren't we told?

OPINION: Is it the podium of truth, or the podium of omission? 

The fact that a man escaped from an MIQ facility is bad enough. The fact he allegedly escaped through a door after already being busted for leaving isolation the day before is, hmm - sounding pretty bloody stupid.

This guy, based on his posts to social media, has zero regard for the cops. It literally says 'F*** the Cops' on his page.

He also appears to have zero regard for COVID-19. He was in the community for more than 12 hours, running around with no mask or PPE, while infected with the deadly Delta strain.

And we were kept in the dark about it.

Newshub reports that Jacinda Ardern knew about the incident while standing at the 'podium of truth' at the 1pm press conference on Thursday.

But she said nothing. We knew nothing.

Now to be fair, we don't know when exactly the Prime Minister was told - or how much she knew by 1pm - so I'm not jumping to conclusions. But I have plenty of questions for her second-in-charge, Grant Robertson, in 10 minutes' time.

Ryan Bridge is filling in as the host of The AM Show.