Brian Tamaki's anti-vaccination protest in Auckland finishes with loud haka

A loud and powerful haka was performed by members of the crowd that turned up to Destiny Church pastor Brian Tamaki's anti-vaccination protest in Auckland outside the Auckland War Memorial Museum on Saturday. 

More than 1000 people have turned up to the protest held in Auckland,with events also held in Wellington and Christchurch. 

Following Tamaki's 40-minute speech to the Auckland crowd, where he announced another protest on October 16, the host led a loud version of the 'Ka Mate' haka twice. 

After encouraging the crowd to social distance and stay in their bubbles, he led the haka through the speakers on stage and was joined in by hundreds of people in the crowd. 

Scientists say singing is a particular risk for spreading COVID, as droplets and air carrying the virus can travel further. 

The Auckland crowd of people include gang members on motorbikes, young children and elderly, many not following social distancing rules or wearing masks. Some bore signs and personalised T-shirts promoting "pro-choice" and "freedom from lockdown", with one sign reading "free 2 parent" and a T-shirt saying "free to choose". 

Tamaki spoke at the protest, telling supporters they've had a "gutsful" and it will take time and commitment to achieve their goals. 

"If we want change, it's going to take courage. It's going to take commitment and determination to stick this out until we get what we want," he says. 

"Today we are facing a Government we thought we could trust. Instead they are stripping away the freedoms and rights of everyday Kiwis." 

"That's what they give to prisoners. We've all gone to prison." "Society has been restructured in fear," he said.

Watch the full haka above.