Coronavirus: Confusion reigns as The AM Show hosts play 'roadmap roulette'

  • 05/10/2021

Confusion continues to reign about the so-called 'roadmap' the Government released on Monday, setting out the steps out of lockdown for Auckland.

From questions on if people can go inside at a friend's to go to the bathroom, to whether children will be allowed on playgrounds, details remain scarce. Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson on Tuesay morning said people should take a pratical approach to the rules and emphasised the need for people to meet outdoors, rather than inside.

There are no targets or dates assigned to each step on the roadmap, with the Prime Minister instead saying each phase will be reviewed weekly.

The COVID-19 website has some added information here, such as that people need to still wear face masks and physically distance.

The AM Show on Tuesday played what they called 'roadmap roulette', where host Ryan Bridge asked his co-hosts Amanda Gillies and Nicky Styris questions about the plan, which he says "no one seems to understand".

"What is more confusing? A) algebra, B) the US electoral college system, C) rocket science, D) this roadmap?" Bridge asked as one of the questions.

Watch Gillies and Styris give it a shot above and play along yourself at home.