COVID-19: Interactive New Zealand map shows up-to-date vaccination data by suburb

An online map shows exactly how high New Zealand's COVID-19 vaccination rates are reaching by suburb, as the country continues to slowly push towards our 90 percent target.

NationalMap Ltd has compiled a suburb-by-suburb analysis of Ministry of Health vaccination data. 

  • The full map can be found here. The Ministry of Health's data and maps can be found here. 

As of Tuesday, 67 percent of New Zealanders were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and 85 percent had received one dose, Ministry of Health data shows.

Steve Critchlow, the group managing director of NationalMap Ltd creators Critchlow Geospatial, said they wanted to provide a way of helping accelerate New Zealand's vaccination rates.

"Each coloured SA2 (statistical area 2) area is clickable to show the SA2 name and dose 1 and 2 percentages," Critchlow said in a statement.

COVID-19: Interactive New Zealand map shows up-to-date vaccination data by suburb
Photo credit: NationalMap Ltd/Ministry of Health

Unlike the Ministry of Health's suburb-by-suburb map, the NationalMap Ltd graph allows users to click on a particular SA2 for the percentage of first and second vaccine doses administered. For example, as of Wednesday, it shows just 26 percent of residents from the Whaktāne town of Murupara are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

But the map shows several areas well into the 70s with double-dosed vaccination percentages including some Auckland and Wellington suburbs, as well as areas of central Otago and Dunedin in the south.

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