Free kebabs, burgers and prizes: Vaccination reward schemes spreading across New Zealand

If going to a summer event wasn't enough reason to get vaccinated, here's another - a free kebab.

It's one Auckland business's way of encouraging the community to get vaxxed. And it's not the only reward scheme going.

Get a jab and get a kebab. A Turkish joint in Auckland's Hobsonville is offering just that. Show some Pfizer proof and lunch is on the owner.

"Fully vaccinated or first dose, second dose, it really doesn't matter, just trying to help the community to get vaccinated," says Kofte Kofte owner Erkan Kilic.

And wraps aren't the only bonus you can score after a shot. Up to $200,000 worth of prizes have been given away to people getting vaccinated here at Auckland Airport's drive-through centre. Every day one lucky immunised Aucklander can win a fridge, a smartphone, speakers or a $500 grocery voucher. The draw ends Wednesday, so you better get in quick.

At the University of Canterbury today, hundreds turned up to two new vaccination centres, beating COVID one burger at a time.

"It's a pretty good deal, yeah I haven't had lunch yet, so I thought, why not? You get immunised, you can travel again, and you get a burger," says University of Canterbury Student Carlos Heine.

"Number one the incentive is it's easy to access, so in between lectures they jump down, plus there's free kai, they can also get a burger with their jab, we also have some spot prizes going on, we've got some music and entertainment happening," University of Canterbury Professor Ekant Veer says.

Speaking of music, this was today's ultimate tantaliser. The Government's confirmed vaccine certificates will be used at festivals this year. The threat of 'no jab, no fun for Summer 21' saw 55,673 doses administered on Monday, but most of those were second doses. Just 14,846 were first doses.

But if you prefer rugby over a rave, you could maybe get a free pass to this instead.

"Why not encourage a free Super Rugby ticket to the first round if you're vaccinated. There's countless promotions that could be implemented, I'm sure the industry would be open and receptive to looking at those," says Eden Park CEO Nick Sautner.

Newshub understands Super Rugby bosses will discuss the prospect of ticket giveaways for the fully vaxxed this week, but they'll want the Government to help foot the bill.

So with more rewards than risks, more people getting vaccinated should make summer unstoppable.