Hīkoi of Truth protester boasts being white in a 'mint Chrysler' helped her cross Auckland COVID-19 checkpoint, but police say there's more to it

A woman who appears to be travelling north with the anti-lockdown Sovereign Hīkoi of Truth (SHOT) group has shared a video in which she says her whiteness may have allowed her easy access through checkpoints.

The woman's Facebook page says she is a holistic wellness ambassador, and she has posted other videos from the convoy to social media over the last few days too.

One was posted with the description "I will post some more updates and see if that’s the end of the cop harassment".

"I will see if I can connect with the Waitangi side. I will keep you posted!" it continued. It was accompanied by a winking emoji.

In another video she is seen driving with what looks like a dog on her lap, and is visibly emotional at the prospect of being arrested, saying she knew her family wouldn't appreciate that.

In the post-checkpoint video, also recorded while she was driving, she said "might head up to Waitangi and catch up with the rest of the Waka because that's what you do".

She said she had just made it through her first checkpoint and didn't have to get a COVID test to do so, saying it was a "real shame" because other SHOT members weren't allowed to pass through until they'd been tested.

"I did not get asked to do a test. I'm a white lady in a mint Chrysler so maybe that's got something to do with it. I don't know," she said.

An edited version of the original video was shared by a Twitter user who said they felt let down by police.

"Why was she not required to take a test? How do we know she is not taking COVID with her to the far north?" they wrote.

However, a police spokesperson has said the woman's travel was "appropriate".

"The individual concerned provided staff at the Pukekawa checkpoint on SH22 yesterday with appropriate evidence to show they were relocating to Northland for a new job.

"The person stated they were relocating from Kapiti Mana to Kerikeri and the correct paperwork was provided to support this."

They were also questioned about why they had travelled via SH22 instead of SH1, telling staff they were aware of the Hīkoi protest and wanted to avoid the traffic.

"There is no requirement for people travelling across the boundary from an AL2 area to another AL2 area in one trip to provide evidence of having had a COVID test, as outlined on the COVID-19 website." the spokesperson said.

"Our checkpoint staff continue to question all motorists travelling through the checkpoints and anyone that is unable to provide evidence of permitted travel or an appropriate exemption will be turned away."