North Shore partier has 'huge regret' for breaking lockdown rules, calls out 'cyber hate', 'personal attacks' after backlash

An attendee at a North Shore party that has angered many Aucklanders says it was a "huge regret" for him to go along and break the rules.

Footage posted to social media shows many people allegedly disregarding the city's alert level 3 rules, with more than 50 people partying at an apartment believed to be on the North Shore on Saturday night. Many of the videos posted to Instagram were later deleted, but screen recordings show a number of young people not wearing masks packed into an apartment drinking, dancing on tables, and kissing. Some of the attendees who posted videos online are social media influencers, a few of which have tens of thousands of followers.

One attendee took to social media to apologise after several videos began circulating online and internet sleuths found the Instagram accounts of some who were at the party. 

"It was dumb we shouldn't have broken the rules for a party but I'm sure we all are taking responsibility for our actions and definitely taking all the personal attacks, doxxing and everything else that is getting thrown at us as a consequence," he says.

The partier says he isn't just apologising because he's been caught, but because he realises it was a "stupid decision" to attend the gathering.

"I can't speak for everybody else that was at the party but I know myself that it was a huge regret and I'm not even just saying that because we got caught, it was selfish and overall a stupid decision but the death threats, cyber hate and personal attacks towards people shouldn't be condoned."

North Shore partier has 'huge regret' for breaking lockdown rules, calls out 'cyber hate', 'personal attacks' after backlash
Photo credit: Supplied / Instagram

Earlier on Sunday, police confirmed to Newshub they have received "multiple reports" via the 105 COVID-breach reporting system in relation to the videos. They advise there may be an update in the coming days if more information becomes available.

Auckland is currently in a level 3 lockdown, and the current rules mean outdoor gatherings between two households can take place with a maximum of 10 people. No indoor gatherings with other bubbles are allowed.

The party outraged those living in the city who have been following the rules.

"People need to stay the f**k home instead of ruining it for everyone else," one person wrote on Facebook about the video.

"As someone in Auckland who's going by the rules, we do not claim them," another said.