Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern blasts anti-lockdown, anti-vaccination protests held across the country on Saturday.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is blasting the anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination protests held across the country on Saturday. 

More than 1000 people have turned up to Destiny Church pastor Brian Tamaki's protest in Auckland outside the War Memorial Museum while smaller protests were also held in Rotorua, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch.

Ardern didn't let her feelings slide when asked about the protest on Sunday, saying they were "morally wrong" as well as illegal.

"I do myself have a personal view on the protest itself," she says. "It was wrong and obviously illegal but it was also morally wrong. 

"What does it say to every Aucklander who has given up a huge amount over the past few weeks to do the right thing and keep other Aucklanders safe? 

"It was a slap in the face to them."

Ardern wouldn't comment on why there weren't any arrests made on Saturday but said the matter was still ongoing. 

"I have faith in the judgement of the police to manage all sorts of situations within COVID  when it comes to compliance," Ardern said at Sunday's COVID-19 press conference. "That is for the police to consider and I hear they're still considering it, so let's let them do their job when it comes to possible prosecutions.

"My personal view continues to be that this was a complete slap in the face to every Aucklander and to every Aucklander that has followed the rules to keep their friends and family safe." 

When asked if Aucklanders had one set of rules and Brian Tamaki had another she said "I don't agree with that".

Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said the protest in Auckland caused an "unnecessary and illegal risk" to public health and described the protest as "frustrating and disappointing".