Coronavirus: Brian Tamaki speaks at anti-lockdown protest in the Auckland Domain

More than 1,000 people have turned up to Auckland's anti-lockdown protest on Saturday where Brian Tamaki took to the stage.

The controversial Destiny Church leader and Freedoms and Rights Coalition organiser was taken into custody in October for organising protests that broke COVID alert level 3 laws. 

Tamaki's bail conditions include not attending or organising any protest and not to access the internet for the purpose of organising or inciting non-compliance with COVID-19 level requirements.

The Destiny Church founder and his wife Hannah Tamaki took to the stage at the rally which started at 11am and finished just after 1pm. 

Tamaki said he couldn't understand why the team of 5 million could stand by and allow freedoms to be taken from them. 

He referred to New Zealand as "Jacindaland" before condemning restrictions and vaccine mandates.

"I'm standing on the right to the protest," Tamaki says. "I am not a citizen of Jacinda's New Zealand. I refuse to be a part of the New Zealand she is creating.

"I don't really want to be in the news. I'm tired of it after 30 years . . . I hate it.

"I want to just say to the people across New Zealand right now who are meeting across the nation that something sinister happened two years ago causing citizens to turn on each other."

Anti-lockdown protesters gather at the Auckland Domain on Saturday.
Anti-lockdown protesters gather at the Auckland Domain on Saturday. Photo credit: Image - Newshub

The protest in Auckland - the fourth since the beginning of October - was originally labelled "The Great Exodus, leaving Jacinda's NZ" but organisers made the decision to change it to focus on vaccine mandates.

"... We feel strongly that this week in particular we must come out in support of those who have lost their jobs due to the No Jab, No Job mandate," a coalition social media post said.

Protests have been held around the country on Saturday. In New Plymouth, hundreds of people gathered to march from Puke Ariki Landing to East End Reserve.

A procession of a dozen of motorbikes led the protest as they blocked Devon St East and New Plymouth's Main Street.

Anti-lockdown protesters gather at the Wellington's Civic Square on Saturday.
Anti-lockdown protesters gather at the Wellington's Civic Square on Saturday. Photo credit: Image - Newshub

In the capital, around 250 people were in Civic Square as part of the "National Compassion Day" led by Tamaki's Freedoms and Rights Coalition group.  

In the South Island, protests have been held in Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin. 

Protesters in Nelson
Protesters in Nelson Photo credit: Image - Supplied/ Sid Ford

In Nelson, the protest was led by a group of people holding a banner saying, "freedom for all Kiwis."

Over 100 people gathered in the Octagon in Dunedin with some wearing "Make America Great Again" hats while others had signs that said, "truth will prevail" and toot for freedom."