Coronavirus: Lowest new daily cases in almost three weeks, Christchurch border case tests positive while in home isolation

There were 144 new COVID-19 cases reported on Sunday - the lowest number of daily cases in almost three weeks - and one death.

Aside from the case numbers, here's what you may have missed from Sunday's COVID-19 update from the Ministry of Health.

Death of hospitalised patient

Sunday's death is a North Shore Hospital patient who was in their 80s.

They died on Saturday evening after being admitted to hospital on Thursday. They were receiving appropriate ward-level care.

Locations of new cases

Of Sunday's 144 new cases, 127 are in Auckland, nine in Waikato, four in Bay of Plenty, two in Northland, and one in Hawke's Bay.


Two cases in Ruakaka that were announced on Saturday are formally included in Sunday's figures.

In addition, there are two further cases - one in Kaitaia and one in Whangārei.

The Kaitaia case is a close contact of a known case and links between the Whangārei cases and known cases are still being investigated.

Both cases are self-isolating at home.

The two additional cases were reported after the Ministry of Health's 9am cut-off and will be officially added to the case numbers on Monday.

Both are self-isolating at home.


The exact location of Auckland's cases are not reported by the Ministry of Health.

In the city, 4114 people are isolating at home, including 1119 cases.


Of Waikato's nine new cases, five are in Hamilton, two in Te Kūiti, and one each in Cambridge and Kawhia.

All are undergoing investigations for their links to the outbreak.

In the region, 115 cases are isolating at home.

Bay of Plenty

Three of the Bay of Plenty's cases are in the Tauranga area and one is in the Whakatāne District.

The Whakatāne District case and one of the Tauranga cases are linked to previously reported cases. The remaining two Tauranga cases are household contacts, and their links to previously reported cases are still being investigated.

All four cases are self-isolating at home.

Hawke's Bay

The Hawke's Bay case was first reported on Saturday night and was formally added to Sunday's tally.

This person tested positive as part of routine surveillance swabbing for COVID-19 when they visited Hawke's Bay Hospital's emergency department after feeling unwell. No emergency department staff have been stood down as a result since they were all wearing PPE.

The case's close household contacts are now isolating and further interviews are continuing.

An early assessment has found a number of exposure events, the Ministry of Health says, such as the emergency department, where anyone potentially affected can be contacted directly.


There is one new case in Canterbury which is being classified as a border case.

The case travelled from Auckland to Christchurch on Thursday November 25 on flight NZ8475, arriving in the city at 10:50am. 

Anyone who is considered a contact of this case will be contacted directly. If people aren't a contact, they don't need to do anything other than watch for symptoms and get tested if any arise.

This case travelled from London to Doha on November 16 and Doha to Auckland on November 18. They left managed isolation last week and tested positive on their day 9 test while in home quarantine.

The case is a child and is isolating at home with family. 

Coronavirus: Lowest new daily cases in almost three weeks, Christchurch border case tests positive while in home isolation
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Vaccination rates by DHBs with active cases


  • First doses - 85 percent of eligible population
  • Second doses - 76 percent.

Auckland metro DHBs:

  • First doses - 94 percent
  • Second doses - 89 percent.


  • First doses - 91 percent
  • Second doses - 83 percent.


  • First doses - 88 percent
  • Second doses - 78 percent.


  • First doses - 92 percent
  • Second doses - 83 percent.

Bay of Plenty:

  • First doses - 89 percent
  • Second doses - 80 percent.


  • First doses - 92 percent
  • Second doses - 83 percent.

Capital and Coast:

  • First doses - 95 percent
  • Second doses - 90 percent.


  • First doses - 95 percent
  • Second doses - 88 percent.

All of New Zealand: 

  • 3,878,887 first doses - 92 percent
  • 3,584,003 second doses - 85 percent.


There are 82 COVID-positive people in hospital. Of these, 32 are in Middlemore, 31 in Auckland City, 14 in North Shore, four in Waikato, and one in Rotorua.

Nine people are in an intensive care or high dependency unit - eight in Auckland and one in Lakes.

The average age of hospitalisations is 48.

The vaccination status of current hospitalisations - which includes Northern Region wards only - as of November 26 is:

  • Unvaccinated or not eligible - 45 cases or 60 percent
  • Partially immunised and less than seven days from second dose or have only received one dose - 13 cases or 17 percent
  • Fully vaccinated for at least seven days before being reported as a case - 12 cases or 16 percent
  • Unknown - five cases or 7 percent.