COVID-19: Interactive vaccine map shows 50 pct of New Zealand's suburbs within arm's reach of target

A weekly update to an online vaccination map showing New Zealand's immunisation progress reveals 50 percent of our suburbs are within 200 jabs of reaching the 90 percent target.

The map was created last month by NationalMap Ltd to help accelerate New Zealand's vaccination rates.

  • The full map can be found here. The Ministry of Health's data and maps can be found here.

It uses data released weekly by the Ministry of Health and allows people to click on a statistical area (SA2), showing what percentage of that area has received one dose and the percentage fully vaccinated.

Each SA2 is coloured by the number of people remaining to get fully vaccinated and once the target of 0 is reached, that area's shading is removed.

In a statement on Wednesday, November 10, Steve Critchlow - the group managing director of NationalMap Ltd creators Critchlow Geospatial - says the target has been reached, clearing the map, in more Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin suburbs.

"There are now 161 SA2 polygons that have cleared the 90 percent target, 88 more than last week," he says.

"50 percent of New Zealand suburbs are now within 200 jabs of reaching the 90 target."

This means of the 2156 SA2 areas, 161 have met the target, while 1082 are within the 200 jab range.

Auckland is making vaccination progess.
Auckland is making vaccination progess. Photo credit: NationalMap Ltd

However some slow starters in Napier, East Christchurch, and Northland remain blue.

"Golden Bay (Nelson) and Otautau (Southland) are standout rural low-vax rate areas at the top and bottom of the South Island," Critchlow adds.

As of Wednesday, 35 percent of the areas still have between 200-499 jabs to go, while 7 percent require over 500.