COVID-19: Kiwis with vaccine exemptions struggling to get vaccine pass days out from new traffic light system

As New Zealand prepares to move into the new traffic light system, some Kiwis who have a vaccine exemption are still having issues getting their vaccine pass.

One woman with a vaccine exemption certificate says she's spent days battling Ministry of Health red tape trying to get her pass.

In just four more sleeps you'll need a vaccine pass to enter the majority of businesses. No jab could mean no flat white, no malls, or no haircut.

"I feel like I'm going to be going into level 4 lockdown all over again," Janine Tyler tells Newshub. 

Tyler has had two jabs and she's one of many Kiwis on an international COVID vaccine drug trial.

"It's one that's being produced for poorer countries like the Philippines that don't have the ability to keep the drug under very cold temperatures like Pfizer must be kept," Tyler says. 

She's had two doses and isn't allowed Pfizer until the trial is over next August, therefore has a legitimate vaccine exemption certificate.

But despite days of trying, she can't get her My Vaccine Pass.

"The Ministry of Health website which was last updated on November 17 and should not say that those with exemptions will be processed and have a pass when they haven't been," she says.

The Ministry of Health contacted Tyler on Monday afternoon and apologised.

"We are sorry you experienced this confusion and uncertainty and will be making changes now based on your experience to make the systems and processes better," the ministry said to Tyler.

Newshub has also spoken with an expat teacher, who is one of the hundreds of Kiwis who have come home already vaccinated.

She can't get a pass either and says she knows others in the same situation.

The clock is ticking, because New Zealand moves into the new COVID Protection Framework - the traffic light system - on Friday and many Kiwis could be left behind. 

"I won't be able to go to a restaurant, I won't be able to go and get my eyelashes done because I won't have that magical QR code that they're going to require," Tyler tells Newshub.

Ironically, as Tyler waits for her passport, her unintended lockdown will begin on what the Government is calling Freedom Day.

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