Mystery surrounds why river in East Tamaki in Auckland turned bright red

It is still unknown why a river near Neales Road turned bright red.
It is still unknown why a river near Neales Road turned bright red. Photo credit: Image - Supplied

The cause of a river in an Auckland suburb turning bright red is still under investigation a week after it occurred.

Newshub received photos that show a river near Neales Road in the East Tamaki having bright red water on November 24. 

Auckland City Council told Newshub it is still working to identify what caused the water to turn bright red.

"On Wednesday 24 November, we received reports that a pond located at 44R Neales Road had turned red," Auckland Council team leader compliance south Dirk Temp told Newshub. 

"Compliance officers subsequently attended the site, and an investigation was launched.

"To date, the source of the discolouration has not been identified. However, ammonia and pH tests conducted at the stormwater pond have returned normal readings. There are also no obvious signs of adverse environmental effects."

Temp said that measures have been put in place to control the pollution in the river. 

"The council's healthy waters team has sealed the stormwater pond to prevent further contamination downstream and is working with pollution control to determine the best course of action to remediate the situation," he said.