Summer has arrived early - warm, dry weather for the next two weeks predicted

Summer is officially just eight days away, but you couldn't blame Kiwis for thinking that it's already arrived with blues skies and warm weather for most parts of New Zealand lately.  

Forecaster WeatherWatch says the early summer pattern in New Zealand is much warmer than usual in most places during the day and night, while many regions will experience drier conditions over the next week or two. 

For beachgoers around the country, WeatherWatch has some good news for you - expect to see a lot of extra high pressure rolling in for the rest of November and the start of December, the warm and dry weather in no hurry to leave. 

New Zealand's location - in the South Pacific halfway between the equator and Antarctica - means each year seasons can be timed differently weatherwise, WeatherWatch says. 

Even with most of New Zealand experiencing warm weather, there have still been some colder nights over the last week. 

WeatherWatch is predicting the lower South Island will have a wetter and colder change this weekend. But the trend now is to see warmer and drier weather on average for most places for the end of November and the start of December.

For Kiwis after some rain, WeatherWatch says most over the next two weeks will come in the very north of the country and the lower West Coast, but overall they're expecting very little.

Southland and the Hawke's Bay could also have some additional wet weather, but this may be "inland downpours over the ranges only".

Temperatures will be warm this week with many places in the 20s, while some inland regions could get into the high 20s.