Woman yelling profanities throws 'around eight packets' of yoghurt at Groundswell protesters in central Auckland

A woman hurled around eight packets of yoghurt at Groundswell protesters while yelling profanities and pulling the finger as the group made their way through central Auckland.

On Sunday, farmers around the country took to the streets in their tractors and utes for the 'Mother of All Protests' to push back against Government policies, rules, and regulations which they say are attacking the sector.    

It saw a backlog of traffic on Auckland's Harbour Bridge and Queen Street, while traffic was also backed up in the Wellington CBD. 

In central Auckland, a passerby, who has asked to remain anonymous, filmed a woman as she threw "around eight packets of yoghurt" from a balcony several stories up on Queen Street while she was "yelling profanities" and "pulling the fingers". In hurling the yoghurt, she hit three cars but missed people, the passerby tells Newshub.

No one in the protest yelled back at her, he says, but some pulled the finger back as she threw the yoghurt.

"I personally think that what she did was stupid and ignorant. Shouting at civilians walking down the street and missing people by metres is crazy," the passerby says.

"What she did was stupid and selfish to protesters doing zero harm. That was not an effective way to push her views back to the protest and I hope she is feeling regretful about the situation."

The woman hurled about eight containers of yoghurt at protesters from a balcony, some of which landed in the middle of Queen Street.
The woman hurled about eight containers of yoghurt at protesters from a balcony, some of which landed in the middle of Queen Street. Photo credit: Supplied

At the protest in Auckland, some protesters had signs saying: "Enough is enough. No to Ute tax. No to 3 waters. No to control."

And in Christchurch, protesters converged near the State Highway 1 bridge close to the airport. Some cars and utes displayed New Zealand flags and signs, some of which said "Make Ardern Go Away" and "No ute tax".

Global environmental movement Extinction Rebellion held a counter-protest against Groundswell on Sunday. They had originally planned to sit in front of Groundwell's tractors on Lambton Quay to block the protesters' path through the city, but the environmental group was later pictured blocking an intersection outside Parliament.

Extinction Rebellion said the Government policies Groundswell are disputing are the bare minimum that needs doing to affect climate change. 

"Their program for these protests seems to mainly be pushing back against these initial very mild and moderate changes they're being asked to do," spokesperson Sue Body says. 

Groundswell has called on all New Zealanders to join in a protest in February next year if the Government doesn't remove "unworkable" regulations.