COVID-19 vaccine map: New data shows over 93 pct of New Zealand's areas close to or over target

NationalMap Ltd has released its latest version of the online COVID-19 vaccination map.

It shows 93.6 percent of New Zealand suburbs have either reached or are within 200 vaccinations of reaching the 90 percent target.

Created in October, the interactive map uses weekly Ministry of Health data and allows people to click on a statistical area (SA2), showing what percentage of that area has received one dose and the percentage fully vaccinated. 

NationalMap created the graph to help accelerate vaccination rates.

  • The full map can be found here. The Ministry of Health's data and maps can be found here.

In a statement on Wednesday, NationalMap's Steve Critchlow said of the 2131 suburbs only nine needed more than 500 people to get their second jab. 

"1031 SA2 polygons have cleared the 90 percent target," he said.

"This represents 48.4 percent of the SA2 boundaries. 81 suburbs need less than 10 more second jabs to clear their map."

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that New Zealand has reached 90 percent fully vaccinated for our eligible population.