Man refusing to wear a face-covering ejected from Mitre 10 after confrontation with staff

Video showing a confrontational man being ejected from a Mitre 10 after refusing to wear a face-covering has been posted online.

The footage shows a man walking into the Helensville store where staff ask him to put a mask on.

"No," he retorts as he films himself on his camera. "See, that's how you do it. And then you don't sign in."

As he walks further into the Mitre 10, more staff members converge on the man, with one pushing him out of the store.

"You can't refuse me service! It's my human right!" the man exclaims.

"You're not coming into the store. Told you that the other day," another staff member tells him. "I told you you're trespassed from the store, which is two years."

The man then argues the requirement to wear a mask isn't legal and threatens legal action.

A police spokesperson confirmed to Newshub they followed this up - and it's the man who's in trouble.

"Police received a report of a man being verbally abusive towards staff and refusing to wear a face-covering at a Helensville business on December 22," they said.

"As a result, a 35-year-old man was subsequently given a warning in relation to refusing to wear a face-covering as required under the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act.

"The man was also issued with a trespass notice."

The man's footage has been shared online, with the majority of Kiwis unsympathetic with his attempt to stir up trouble.

"Video has emerged of a dude walking to a store intentionally breaking rules of entry on a private property hoping to cause trouble so he could play victim. What a heroic act," one person commented on Twitter.

"The guy rang up ahead of time to let them know he was going to breach the policy required to enter the store and admitted to that in the video. He hasn't a leg to stand on nor the IQ to realise how he screwed up," another added.