Police say social media video of rough arrest doesn't show 'full context', woman allegedly assaulted officer

The video is getting traction on social media.
The video is getting traction on social media. Photo credit: Twitter / Clumpassion / screenshot.

A video circulating on social media showing a scuffle between two youths and police at Auckland's Britomart doesn't provide the full context of the incident, police say.

The video, posted to Twitter on Tuesday night and viewed more than 6000 times, shows several officers trying to restrain two youths. While a boy falls to the ground and stays down, the young woman tries to escape the officers' grasp before she is put on her knees and handcuffed. Another youth is standing to the side with an officer.

While social media commentary said the woman had allegedly taken a Coca-Cola bottle and some users felt the officers' actions were "excessive", a police spokesperson told Newshub the video "is only an excerpt and does not provide the full context of what occurred".

Police say that at 5:45pm on Tuesday, a report was received of a group of about 12 young people assaulting a security guard on Queen St in Auckland.

"Upon arrival, the group had dispersed however Police received information from members of the public that several of the youths were inside Britomart," the spokesperson said.

"Police have followed the youths into Britomart where two were arrested - a male for fighting, and a female for obstruction and assaulting Police."

Both have been referred to Youth Aid Services, police say.