Revealed: New Zealand's top Google searches for 2021

2021 was yet another big year, and from well-known Kiwis to COVID-19, New Zealanders Googled it all.

And as the year comes to a close, the country's top searches for 2021 are here.

While it only comes around once every four years - or five years with a pandemic - the Olympic medal table was a top Google search for the year. Our athletes Lisa Carrington, Lydia Ko, and Dame Valerie Adams were also among the top searches.

Joining them in the top-searched Kiwis were Judith Collins and Brian Tamaki - both symbols of controversy at one time or another. 

Sticking with well-known people, an incident that shocked Hollywood rattled Kiwis, too, Alec Baldwin was the most searched global figure after a cinematographer was shot dead on the set of his film Rust. 

Back home, the death of Sean Wainui sent shockwaves throughout the rugby community online. Prince Philip's death was also a top search. 

Singer Adele also made it into top searches after her new album 30 was released in November.

In March, we wanted to know more about a vital waterway. The Suez Canal was a popular search after the Ever Given got stuck and disrupted global shipping. 

And while we know it's on a Sunday, according to Google, what we don't exactly know is "When is Father's Day".

But now that you know when it is after searching, perhaps you could make apple crumble, which was the most-searched sweet recipe. 

It seems millennials may have moved on from smashed avocado on toast, but not by much - the most-searched savoury recipe was guacamole.

And finally, the thing New Zealanders Googled most will come as no surprise: COVID-19, locations of interest, My Covid Record, New Zealand traffic light system - the list goes on.

COVID-19 has been a firm fixture of 2021, so let's hope we're looking for answers to other things in 2022.