Wellington high school students gift toddler 3D-printed bionic arm for Christmas

One Wellington toddler is getting the best Christmas present she could ask for - a new arm.

It's not just any arm, it's a 3D-printed bionic arm created by a group of year 10 college students.

Three-year-old Avery Walker is very excited for Christmas, so excited she's opened the present a little bit early.

"I want to open another one," Walker said.

And she will - one that's extra special.

"A bionic or removal arm for Avery in the hope she'll have more success riding her bike or scooter," Trudy Englebretsen, Avery's mother, told Newshub.

The bionic arm isn't your average one.

"We're creating a 3D-printed prosthetic arm for a member of the community," Ben Trolove, one of the creators of the arm said. 

It's been created by your average biomedical engineers. The three Year 10 Scots College students are making it for a school project.

"I wanted to do something medical-related," Liam Frampton said. "Locky's really good with 3D-printing and design, and Ben's really good with organisation and making sure everything happens.

"So we put our heads together and decided to make affordable prosthetic arms."

After numerous tests, tweaks and 12 prototypes, they've landed on the one.

"It's been a pretty incredible experience seeing different prototypes used with Avery and seeing her do so many more things," Locky​ Stinson​ told Newshub.

The boys raised thousands of dollars to keep the project going and are finishing it just in time for Christmas.

"Pretty special, wonderful present from three wonderful boys that have really invested a lot of their time and heart into something so selfless for something so wonderful," Englebretsen said.

For these budding entrepreneurs, this could be just the start.

"We hope to improve it slightly better in the future, then release it to the general public so people who need a prosthetic can have access to it," Stinson​ said.

For now, the final touches are being made on this one, which will definitely come in handy on Christmas Day. 

"She's actually getting a scooter for Christmas, and this will be the first time she'll actually be able to ride it," Englebretsen said. 

Which will most certainly result in a smile.

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