Anti-vaxx doctor Jonie Girouard's chocolate business faces investigation by MPI over sugar substitute

The now-deregistered doctor filmed issuing COVID-19 vaccine medical certificate exemptions to anti-vaxxers is being looked into for selling chocolate made with an unapproved sugar substitute.

Last month Newshub revealed Jonie Girouard had been seeing patients face-to-face, carrying out minimal checks like a simple blood pressure test - then writing them vaccine exemptions.

Multiple agencies all launched investigations after the Newshub expose, and on Monday the Medical Council confirmed her deregistration, preventing her from practising medicine in New Zealand.

Now Girouard's business Jonie G's Guilt Free Chocolate is being looked into by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) for using allulose - a new sugar substitute not yet approved in New Zealand.

The North Canterbury chocolate business sells keto-friendly chocolate to "satisfy sweet & chocolate urges", according to the company's Instagram bio.

MPI confirmed in a statement that the sugar alternative Girouard was using is not currently permitted for sale under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

"New Zealand Food Safety has a shared regulatory role with councils and other territorial authorities to manage food business issues," deputy director-general at New Zealand Food Safety Vince Arbuckle told Newshub in a statement.

"In this specific case, the business Sauve Ltd. is registered with the Waimakariri District Council, and operating under their authority.

"As allulose is not currently permitted for sale under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, New Zealand Food Safety will be keeping a close eye on the situation and supporting the Waimakariri District Council (the registration authority) to look into this food business to ensure compliance."